Ah, hey ya, hi, Becky here!

What are you going to find on this spiffy blog?  Well!  

Baking.  Lots of baking.  Baking-related items.  Close relatives to baking.  Or things that involve flour or related to desserts or sugar or are just darn delicious.  I am not a cook, so, heh, that stuff will mostly be absent.  Recipes are homemade, made from scratch, skipping most processed foods and not-so-much taking a hand from the grocery store.

I am not a professional, I may not know all the science, I struggle with developing my own recipes, but sure as heck, I will test, research, dig, test, research some more, tweak, and test even some more until that darn baked good is perfect.  That's when I share it with you!  You can count on me for the very best in baking recipes.

And who is Becky?

As far back as I can remember I have baked.  Forever.  A long line of baking gene passed from Great Grandma Sadie, Grandma Rose, to my mom to me.  Needless to say then, I am a self-taught baker with decades (cough) of baking experience behind and baking desire ahead me.

Soooo, more about me?  I wear many a hat.  I've been dubbed a Thing Maker.

I worked around the Chicago theater scene for um, a mighty long stretch there doing props, designing scenery, that kind of stuff.

Meantime I also earned an MFA in Interior Architecture which propelled me into architecture, interior design, and drafting.  Veering again, I found myself as a set designer for TV and film for the likes of 
Chicago Fire, Sirens, The Exorcist, Jupiter Ascending,Widows, and more.

Now I bake an awful lot.  Or try to anyway!

My extremely patient husband Mike who is consistently stuffed with baked goods (purchased patience, haha) and our weirdo dog Finn live in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago where my time is also spent ripping apart our house, putting it back together, and documenting it over on Flipping the Flip.  Be sure to follow that fun over on Instagram here.

Thanks for joining me!  Now let's bake!

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