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Affiliate Disclosure Info Stuff:

Some links in my posts are affiliate links for products which I have personally bought, used, tried out, own, etc., whatever, you know, and recommend (or want you to steer clear of). A link that is an affiliate is marked with an asterisk and there's a note at the bottom of the post where I send you an air kiss. I won't surreptitiously link you to yucky stuff. Please, that'd be mean.

So, what it means is if you click it and buy it, that affiliate is supposed to send me a smidgey percent of the sale price. You won't pay more or extra, have no fear.

Should you so kindly purchase something through one of my affiliate links, it helps me help you by keeping this spiffy blog going, keepin' the recipes rollin' out for your reading pleasure. So don't feel duped. It's a good thing when we all win!

I am humbly grateful should you buy, thank you.

None of my posts are, nor is my blog, sponsored nor is it advertisement in the form of a blog post, fyi.

And hey, by the way, if you find a link that's broken, any link, please do let me know. Thanks!

Oh and now I'm supposed to say something along these lines too:

I partner (do I? I dunno, I don't get this stuff) with Rakuten Marketing, who may collect personal information when you interact with eBates/Rakuten links on my site. The collection and use of this information is subject to the privacy policy located here.

Privacy Policy

Hey, if you submit your email address to the newsletter subscription bar or pop up, you give your consent to MailerLite to collect your address and that's the only place it goes. I don't do anything with your email address and I certainly don't sell it or any data you may provide. It's only collected for the purposes of sending you fancy blog posts when I post them, that's it, nothing more. If you unsubscribe, yeah I'll be sad, but your info is erased, poof, gone.

And hey, if you leave a comment, that's cool, I like that. You're free to delete them as you see fit which also will remove your name or provided info from that section. Your email address is never sneakily stored by me.

Oh and hey, if you contact me via the ol' contact section, I will see your name and email address but no, I do not horde addresses or do anything with them, I don't auto-subscribe you or nothin'. I do save nice complimentary emails I get so I personally can reread them and feel warm and fuzzy but that's it.

Should you so desire, you or I can both delete or amend stuff. You can ask for what it is I have and I can send it, but honestly, it's only your email address for the reasons above.

Hope I've cleared that up.

This legal stuff man.....

Nutritional Data Disclaimer

Any nutrition data provided with recipes is an estimate only, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be used in the direct treatment of any medical condition. It should be used as a guide and for general reference only.

The data is calculated based on the listing of ingredients, amounts of ingredients, and serving sizes through an online database provided by RecipesGenerator. While the data provided is based on best available information, actual nutritional content may vary depending on a variety of factors outside the control of either website including but not limited to varying products, substitutions, process, measurement accuracy, and serving sizes.

The data provided is not a substitute for medical advice nor professional recommendations. Becky Marshall and The Bake Dept are not responsible for any loss, adverse or allergic reactions, effects, consequences, damage, or illness as a result of the nutrition data shown nor the use of the recipes provided.

Note some gram, milliliter, and weight measurements may be slightly incorrect; this is unintentional.  If the noted gram, milliliter, and/or weight measurements seem incorrect, please double check against the listed volume measurements as those are accurate.  This blog is written in the United States where volume measurements are more commonly found.

Copyright and Usage:

© Becky Marshall, 2022; All Rights Reserved.

No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of me Becky, the fancy pants author, unless otherwise indicated for stand-alone materials.

You may share this website by any of the following means: 1. Using share buttons; 2. Providing a back-link or the URL of the content you wish to disseminate; 3. You may quote extracts from the website with attribution to; 4. You may use up to one photo; a link back to is then required; 5. All original photos are by Becky, require permission of use for more than one, and are copyrighted.

Please don't steal my stuff, that's super rude.

For any other mode of sharing, please contact me. Commercial use and distribution of the contents of the website is not allowed without express and prior written consent of me, the fancy pants author.

Now see, that wasn't so rough was it?  Nah. xo

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