Mike's Pizza Sauce

homemade pizza sauce mixed in a bowl
I know, I know,  this is hardly a baking recipe at all.  And no, I am not branching out into cooking!  Can't cook my way out of a paper bag.  Regardless, this here Mike's Pizza Sauce recipe is a very close approximation to the wing-it no-written-recipe version that we use for all our pizza related needs which will come in handy here soon should you be interested.

Could not be any simpler -- dump, stir, and spread.  Right?!  So dang easy!

Obviously this can be customized any which way you want, any seasonings, spices, whatever, up the quantities, lower the quantities, whatever!  Do as you wish! 

This is quite bare-bones, simple and probably very Midwestern, so don't be expecting any high-falutin' fancy pants stuff here.  Tomato sauce and seasonings, that's whatcha gettin' with this recipe.  But, this is what we love.

Of course you can use any pizza sauce you wish on any of the pizzas I offer up.  Just sharing this so Mike is forever immortalized for his version of pizza sauce, haha, and in case you're in need of a sauce.

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