Citrus Yogurt Cake

citrus yogurt cake sliced
Well, isn't this just a lovely cake, this Citrus Yogurt Cake?!  There's so much to love here and let me tell you why...

First and foremost, let's thank my friend Janette for this request.  She asked for a way to bake with citrus fruit she had on hand and I said I'd be happy to oblige. 

I definitely like baking requests.  I do wish I could nail some faster; I have one from my friend Blaire owed and I feel a terrible slacker. 

But this Citrus Yogurt Cake, it's delicious.  Suuuper delicious.  It's moist (ugh sorry) and has a wonderful texture.  Much like a pound cake or a quick bread of sorts, maybe along the lines of the oh-so-eye-flutteringly delightful Apple Fritter Bread.

sliced citrus yogurt cake plated viewed from above
Now I have to go make that Apple Fritter Bread....ok but wait hang on, why else is this Citrus Yogurt Cake a winner, you query.

Right.  Sorry.

This is another in a line of easy easy one-bowl wonder cakes.  So simple and quick to toss together, it will comfortably slip into your repertoire with such ease.

Such ease.

One of the coolest aspects here is that the citrus is interchangeable.  Cool, right?  So say you've got some grapefruit, which is what I used for demonstration purposes today, or maybe you have some oranges instead.  Or lemons.  Meyer lemons.  Lime likely would work too.

sliced grapefruit and zest
Regardless, so long as you measure up the amounts of zest and juice needed, you're good to go.  Hence, Citrus of Citrus Yogurt Cake.

The recipe calls for plain whole milk yogurt or you can also use plain whole milk Greek yogurt.  Both work.  How handy is that?

If you wanted to, you could add a pinch of nutmeg, punch up the flavor that way.  I will say, the citrus flavor in the cake itself is subtle so a little zing might be nice.  Or if there's a spice that compliments the citrus you've got, try a pinch of that. 

See, the thing about baking is that it actually is more flexible than most people think. 

It's constantly pounded into our heads that baking is so rigid and regimented, unlike the free-for-all known as, eh, cooking.  That's just not true.

Well, I mean, if you mess with leavener and flour quantities, I can't guarantee the results but sugar can be somewhat flexible, flavorings can be flexible, and so forth.

There's leeway, and this Citrus Yogurt Cake is proof-positive of that.

Ok, so it's good, it's easy, it's a one-bowl wonder, you can change up your citrus, add a pinch of zing, and what else?

It's quick to mix, no mixer needed.  You most likely have everything on hand.  It's perfect for a coffee or tea soirée.  Or dessert.  Or a snack.   Or even breakfast, I don't judge.

All right.  Let's bake.

First, zest and juice your citrus, get that taken care of, and set that aside.

Grab a nice sized mixing bowl* and into it, toss the wet ingredients along with most of the sugar.  Whisk* that all up so everything is combined.

combining wet ingredients in mixing bowl
Next grab a fine mesh sieve,* set it atop your handy dandy mixing bowl, and sift the dry ingredients right into the wet ingredients.

adding dry ingredients into wet
Yeah, I forgot to sift here, oops.  Do sift though, it's worth the extra few seconds, truly.
With a nonstick spatula,* fold everything together gently and mostly thoroughly, a few spare lumps is fine, and off we go to the loaf pan.

I do a light spray with baking spray* and that typically covers most all my slippery pan needs but you can lightly grease, grease and flour, line with a strip parchment* that overhangs the edges...all will provide clean, easy release.

Into the pan* with the batter and off to the oven to bake.  It does take just under an hour so plan ahead for that if your pals are on their soirée-way.

citrus yogurt cake batter in loaf pan ready to bake
Ok!  While the cake is baking, let's make the little soaker.  This just infuses more citrus flavor into the cake after it's baked.

making citrus juice and sugar soaker
Merely heat up the fresh squeezed juice and the rest of the sugar until it's dissolved then let it cool.

All righty, Citrus Yogurt Cake is baked so take it out of the oven and let it cool in that pan for about ten or so minutes.

baked citrus yogurt cake in pan
Holy heck, amiright?!
Set up a drip catcher like a pan under a cooling rack* or if you don't care, just set the cake on the rack.  Either brush* on or pour on your cooled soaker.  It'll mostly bead and run off the top so the sides are what you should attack.

Now just let that cool completely!

When it's completely cooled, trust me, completely, time for the glaze.  Stir it up and drizzle it on.

prepping glaze
If you like cakes like this to be extra glaze-y, you can double the glaze ingredient quantities and really do it up. 

glaze drizzled atop citrus yogurt cake
Holier heck, amiright?!
I like glaze for sure but I also feel like there is a too-much-glaze line that's too often crossed, drowning a perfectly yummy cake and ruining any subtlety of flavor.  Heh, oh my, opinions, but ok, ha, don't let me stop you!

side view of plated citrus yogurt cake
Yeowza.   Hey baby.
Slice, serve, enjoy this little number. 

view inside sliced citrus yogurt cake
Yum!  Citrus Yogurt Cake!  Yay!  Thanks, Janette!  Round of applause for Janette!

view of sliced end inside citrus yogurt cake
I hope this Citrus Yogurt Cake hits the spot!

*The mixing bowls, whisks, fine mesh sieves, nonstick spatulas, baking spray, loaf pans, cooling racks, and pastry brushes are all Amazon affiliate links.  Happy baking, thanks!  Please see the "info" tab for more, well, info.

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