Pepperoni Three Cheese White Pizza

pepperoni three cheese white pizza slices on a plate
Right, so piggy-backing on the One Hour Calzone Dough, I've got a great way to use it:  Pepperoni Three Cheese White Pizza.

Sure, it sounds a little odd, a weird sounding combo but it is, in fact, a very tasty number.

This is a pan type pizza, or what are the kids calling it, like a Grandma type?  Baked on a rimmed sheet pan rather than stretched or tossed or whatever other, likely because the white sauce is thin and would surely run the heck right off the dough without sides to catch it.

So yeah, it’s more of a pan type pizza, or what, like a hand tossed result?  Heh.  It's pizza.  It rises to about half or three quarters of an inch thick or so in the oven.

I'm suuuurrrre I mentioned that we're a pizza loving pair.  Yep.  Probably here.  Oh and probably here.  Yeah pizza.  We like it.

If Mike could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he might.  Good thing he has me to save him from himself.

And while we’re willing to try variations on a pizza theme, it's generally always pepperoni.  Hey, what can I say.

But so yes, if you’ve been following my adventures, you know I’m an insulated pan baker, and to each their own; this recipe requires a sheet pan with sides soooo, I do have them.

Originally this recipe is for a smaller tray, a quarter sheet pan* but we like to have leftovers to reheat (or Mike to eat cold) so after some baking math (ouch), I more or less doubled it here for a half sheet pan.*  My pan is just under that size but either work.

Just so you’re aware though and would prefer a smaller pizza, cut the recipe in slightly more than half-ish or head over to read the original quantities.

Notably, Mike was quite dubious and not sold on this Pepperoni Three Cheese White Pizza:   “No tomato sauce?  A white sauce?  Ehhh mmm I dunno babe…..”

But c’mon, garlic?  Three cheeses?  Creamy?  Zippy?  I can’t fathom what would even be remotely bad.

slices of pepperoni three cheese white pizza from above
Right?!?  Right!
And after having made this, (“sorry babe, it’s what’s for dinner” heh) now neither can he. 

It is really really really good.  Really.  And with the One Hour Calzone Dough recipe, it’s an easy easy easy meal!

Don't wanna make the dough?  No worries, you can buy it.  The calzone dough comes out to be a pound and a half-ish, so gauge accordingly.

And right, that white sauce is way thin and you will panic and worry about it running everywhere.  And it kind of does but that’s also kinda ok because it chars, adding a nice depth, a crisp bite, and another layer of flavor.

If you wanted to, you could heat the cream and add a little bit of cornstarch to thicken it up first before pouring atop the dough.  Do note though, the sauce already does thicken while baking.

The original recipe calls for a scant two teaspoons of garlic (for the size I’m proposing) which, if you are garlic fans such as us, you know that’s not enough. 

Definitely feel free to up the amount.  I usually end up at or over a tablespoon though I never measure it.  Eh, does this look like enough?  Yeah, hey, whatever, is my thought process. 

I am repelled by cooking and I'm not terribly good at it, but it does provide measurement freedoms.  Maybe that's my problem.  Anyway...

ingredients prepped for pizza making
Pepperonis vary too so get the type you like and pile on as you see fit.  I mean, don't overload it though.  Or no pepperoni and use other toppings.  Here at our house, I use different pepperonis for different pizzas even; I hand slice up a stick for this pie.

Now, you can purchase ricotta and if you do, get some that leans quality though I can say with authority most ricotta will work here since it bakes.

Or, and in my opinion and I will jumping-up-and-down encourage you to do so, make your own.  It is so worth it on this pizza.  So.  And so worth it for many other ricotta-featured uses.  It is mind-blowing.  Mind. Blowing.

Ok!  So to get going, if you’re gonna do it, prepare the ricotta first.  Next, get your dough in order and rising.  Then it’s merely onto assembling this Pepperoni Three Cheese White Pizza and lastly it’s stuffing your face full of it.

Toss a second sheet pan in the oven on the lowest rack or if you have it, a pizza stone* or related and heat up the oven.

Spread around the oil in the sheet pan you're baking in, then stretch the dough to the edges and corners.  If it fights you, walk away, let it rest a few minutes, then try again. 

stretching pizza dough in rimmed baking sheet
As you can see, I didn't get all the way in the corners but should have tried harder.  Sorry, there's a smudge on my camera lens still, doh.
Next, pour on that white sauce you stirred up.  Ack!  Yeah, thin, right?! 
pouring white sauce atop
...because as you can see, sauce ran extra-everywhere.  Doh.
Sprinkle on the mozzarella, dot on the pepperoni, then pop that beast into the oven.

white pizza topped with mozzarella and pepperoni ready to bake
About halfway through, pull the pizza out.  Dollop on the ricotta evenly all around in little blobs, then pop the pizza back into the oven to finish up.

dolloping fresh ricotta cheese atop half baked pizza
Then ah HA!  Look at that! 

finished baked pepperoni three cheese white pizza
Crispy yummy garlicky cheesy creamy and zippy Pepperoni Three Cheese White Pizza.

slices of pepperoni three cheese white pizza on a plate
Aw man, my stomach is growling and my mouth is watering.  Gah I need this pizza again.  What's on my menu for today...?

*The sheet pans and pizza stones are Amazon affiliate links.  Happy baking, thanks!  Please see the "info" tab for more, well, info.

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