Chocolate Burnt Basque Cheesecake

chocolate burnt basque cheesecake
Well.  Yes.  Chocolate Burnt Basque Cheesecake.  Because if something is already outstanding, why not chuck in some chocolate, amiright!?

The Burnt Basque Cheesecake that I've shared with you is, omg I'm drooling again, hang on, otherworldly delicious, so unbelievable.

So it's only natural for there to be a chocolate version in existence.

This thing is a creamy dreamy delight.

With chocolate.

I will say it's not a chocolate bomb; it's not super rich in the chocolate sense despite the chocolate quantity and type but more of a creamy melted almost milk chocolate bar on a warm summer day. 

I think you're gonna love it.

chocolate burnt basque cheesecake sliced on plate
It is just as easy to make as the Burnt Basque Cheesecake.  Just an extra ingredient or two and step, really.

Interestingly, the bake time and temp are lower than the non-chocolate version which nibbles at me to test the non-chocolate one again.  Goodness, that would not suck.  But regardless, it comes out ridiculously, perfectly spot on.

Interestingly too, it's not noted to chill the cheesecake before serving if you plan to serve the day of baking, or noted at all really.  We tried it this way first and whooie, is it, wow, velvety luscious.  Ours was still a smidge warm too so that was quite something to behold.

Do pop it in the fridge after slicing into it which will firm up the center somewhat but not so much so that the custardy center becomes too un-custardy. 

But again, much like the Burnt Basque Cheesecake I shared here, avoid Americanizing this Chocolate Burnt Basque Cheesecake by over baking it.  The point is the jiggly soft, pudding-like center.

Mike said it was good, he definitely enjoyed it for someone who claims to be less a lover of chocolate despite his top five, ten, twenty desserts I make includes chocolate.  He said this reminded him a bunch of my chocolate cream pie which was messing with his head.  Poor guy is so spoiled.

And if you're not into these particular types of cheesecakes despite hoping to convince you to be, I've got others that are utterly outstanding that you can try.

Seriously though, this Chocolate Burnt Basque Cheesecake is *mwah* angelic.

chocolate burnt basque cheesecake in pan
Not the best photo to show it off but hopefully you're drooling.
I know.  I don't mess around here.

This recipe comes from abroad so I've configured it for American cups and such but if you have a kitchen scale,* which is way more ideal in this case, go with the grams and such as it'll be accurate to the original. 

Please don't holler at me about the slight inaccuracies of the Americanized measurements here; purchase a kitchen scale!

And if you're gonna make this, the point is decadent, swoony, and self-indulgent -- get the heavy cream, the full fat cream cheese, the whole nine yards.

Too, the recipe reads that you can go sans food processor* or mixer* and do it by hand which, if you ask not-as-strong-as-I-used-to-be me, would be quite the workout.  You can go power tool-free and work off the calories ahead, just make sure everything is very much room temperature to start.

If you're like me though, use a food processor.  Here, like the un-chocolate version, I used my jumbo food processor* but if you have a regular one, not a problem.  You can blend in smaller groups then combine everything together by hand at the end.

Ok.  Chocolate Burnt Basque Cheesecake, yes.

ingredients for chocolate burnt basque cheesecake
Dust off your eight inch springform pan,* which yes, I know, I've now called for eight, nine, and ten inch sizes in various recipes, sorry.  You might be able to do this in a nine incher; just adjust the bake time down but note, I have not tried this.

Rip off some parchment,* two pieces, long enough to go down one side, across, then up over all the edges.  Smush it in the pan, no need to get perfect as it'll only keep popping out anyway.  A light spray of baking spray* or cooking spray, and let's mix.

Next is melting the chocolate into the cream to make the ganache.  You can heat the cream on the stove top and pour it over the chocolate or pop both in the microwave at thirty second intervals as I do. 

melted chocolate and cream
Sorry for the blurry shot; it was the best of the bunch, darn winter light.  You'll have to trust me that the chocolate is melted here.
Try to avoid overheating the pair as it'll slow your roll waiting for it to cool down.  Get things heated just enough then stir stir stir until the chocolate melts which keeps the mix cool enough to work with.  If need be, a few seconds in the microwave more to clear up some larger chunks should do the trick.

All right!  Mess time.

Toss the cream cheese and sugar into the food processor and have at it until it's blended.  Note, chop up the cream cheese first; my butch processor groaned because I did not.

Next add one egg at a time.  With the food processor it won't take long, just about five, ten seconds to blend in each egg.

adding eggs one at a time to food processor
Egg number one going in.

all six eggs blended in
All the eggs blended in.
Sift* in the cornstarch and cocoa powder, a few zips around the bowl for a few seconds. 

sifting in cornstarch and cocoa powder

blended cocoa powder and cornstarch
Next, scoop in your chocolate ganache, zip that around until everything looks like a melted chocolate milkshake.

adding chocolate ganache to food processor
All you gotta do next is pour it into your prepared springform pan and bake!

adding cheesecake batter to springform pan
As I mentioned, this has a longer baking time, forty five to fifty minutes so that's a lot of pacing around waiting impatiently, but, you get steps in.

baked chocolate burnt basque cheesecake in pan
Look for puffed set edges around the perimeter and the center will still be quite wiggly jiggly.  There isn't a way to test for done so go by that and being able to smell the scent of slightly burnt chocolate.  Too there will be some darker burnt blistered spots strewn across the top.  You know you're there then.

Cool it completely then dig in.  Or go ahead and chill it and then dig in. 

sliced chocolate burnt basque cheesecake insides
Whooo doggie.  Man.  Whew.

Chocolate Burnt Basque Cheesecake.  *pew* mind blown.

sliced chocolate basque cheesecake
What a treat, wow, omg. 


*The kitchen scales, food processors, mixers, 14 cup food processors, sifting tools, 8" springform pans, parchment paper, and baking spray are Amazon affiliate links.  Happy baking, thanks!  Please see the "info" tab for more, well, info.

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