Lemon Ricotta Cookies

lemon ricotta cookies
Ah sure, yeah, we're over Cookie Season but that's just the holiday version, people.  As it's always ice cream season in my book, cookies are therefore most definitely always in season.  And since it's citrus time, I thought I'd share these delightful Lemon Ricotta Cookies.

Now ok, here's the deal.  To be honest and forthcoming, I have only made these Lemon Ricotta Cookies once.

I know that makes these not well-tested, guaranteed winners as I normally provide, especially since in reading comments and two different versions of this recipe that there are issues afoot, if I found success, you can too. 

They're happily delicious which automatically makes them a winner.

These are not too dissimilar from the Vanilla Buttermilk Cookies which I loooooove, in that they are cakey cookies, soft and pillowy clouds of tender, light cookie.  So if cakey plus lemon are your jam, here ya go.

Normally I tend to gravitate away from "star chef" recipes, but that's me personally and my own MO.  It's not a diss if you enjoy them, hardly at all.  Do not let me dissuade you from liking their recipes.

Well ok, Jacques Pépin is an exception as well, duh, of course, Jacques Pépin.  He's a revered category unto himself.  And my pal Lance has it going on too.

My hang-up is that I have had little success with several of their recipes, baking or otherwise.  That's fair.

But, always willing to give something a shot and because these Lemon Ricotta Cookies sounded supremely tasty, I went for it.

Let's also be sure to thank our lovely neighbor Anne for the opportunity to give this recipe a whirl.  Thanks, Anne!

lemon ricotta cookies on a yellow flowery plate
When I started the process on these from the Food Network by Giada (ha no we're not on a first name basis), I immediately ran into quandaries, hence being thankful for the comments as they said, hey, follow the version on her own site instead.

Why the recipe hasn't been updated on the Food Network site, I dunno, but, thankfully, crises averted.

First and foremost to note, the sugar to butter ratio is higher sugar to butter therefore it takes a good long while to cream the two together. 

Second to note, and important:  be sure to use ricotta cheese that is lower in moisture.  If the stuff you picked up is pretty runny, you might consider giving it a drain in a fine mesh sieve* lined with cheesecloth.*  More moisture, bad for cookies.  If yours is pretty firm, you're good to go.

Third note and key, the dough must chill overnight in the fridge.  Wah wah, sorry, I know, but if you bake this sans a chill, it will turn soupy and will run the heck everywhere.  It's still a very soft dough regardless, fyi.

As I'm a one-sheet-in-the-oven-at-a-time baker, for optimal results, placing the batter back in the fridge between baking is helpful too.


So right, gather up your ingredients and get everything prepped, ready to go. 

ingredient prep
Whip up that sugar and butter together which yeah, don't panic, it does take longer than normal.

creaming butter and sugar together
Honestly, I gave up going for big fluff.  It was more of a granulated clumpy fluff but that's ok, it works.
Next, one egg at a time then toss in the ricotta, lemon juice, and lemon zest.

adding lemon ingredients and ricotta to mixer bowl
By the way, and this may sound ridiculous but it's completely not:  you can make your own ricotta cheese.  And you should.  It is mind-bogglingly heavenly homemade and fresh.  And eeeeaaasy.  Use it for recipes where it's featured though, not these cookies.  Do it.  Trust me.

Ok, so toss in the dry stuff all at once, a few gentle stirs of the machine, then finish it by hand with a spatula.*

adding dry ingredients to mixer bowl
Off to the fridge for a slumber now.  'night 'night.

finished cookie batter
Finished batter, ready for its fridge camp-out.
Next day, line a baking sheet* with either parchment paper* or with a silicone baking mat,* heat up the oven, and it's time to bake.

measuring out dough balls to bake on cookie sheet
Scoop the batter, leave a wide berth around each lump on the sheet for spreading, and off to the oven they go.

baked cookies on sheet
These were with 2 tablespoons of cookie batter so go with the 1 1/2 tablespoons as written, more manageable.
Once the cookies have cooled, mix up the icing which is as simple as dump and stir though I will say, yes, sifting the powdered sugar first makes a drastic improvement in the process.
ingredients for lemon icing
Dip or spoon some icing atop, spread it around, my aren't they pretty, and let the icing set.

coating cookie tops in lemon icing
And voila, Lemon Ricotta Cookies! 

lemon ricotta cookies
Seriously, the softest most pillow-iest cookies ever, popping with happy lemon cheerfulness.  Enjoy!
*The fine mesh sieves, cheesecloth, spatulas, baking sheets, parchment paper, silicone baking mats, and cooling racks are Amazon affiliate links.  Happy baking, thanks!  Please see the "info" tab for more, well, info.

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  1. Ohhhh, you know I have a hankering for something lemon. This will fill that need! Beautiful cookie!


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