Soft Ginger Apple Snaps

soft ginger apple snaps
Ah dang it, fall is in the air.  Again.  How does this keep happening so fast?  I maybe have mentioned I'm not big on fall, probably the only human who isn't, but fall does bring apples so it does have one saving grace.  But.  As it is fall, it's time to roll out fall-vibed recipes like these Soft Ginger Apple Snap cookies.

Or really, don't let me hold you back; bake these cookies any time.

So these are, well, ok, first and foremost, they're delicious.  Never mind my pause there.

They're tough to explain I suppose, hence that pause.  They're similar to gingersnaps in flavor but yet they're soft and a wee bit chewy, a hint cakey almost but not quite.  Kind of a bit like snickerdoodles but also kind of a bit like a crinkle cookie.  Yet soft and light.

Warmly spiced with cinnamon, ginger, and clove.  Flavored with molasses.  And a whiff of apple.

Heh, sounds like these Soft Ginger Apple Snaps have an identity crisis but once you taste them, you'll see they're quite clear-headed.  And delicious, like I said.

Last year, given the nature of things, I didn't have my usual excessively (bordering on foolishly) (too) long list of holiday cookies planned out.  Not sure what hit me a couple years ago, but I've gotten overly ambitious with my holiday cookie baking.

I led two baking classes with Sous Chef just before Christmas so I incorporated those baked goods into my list but kept it shockingly, atypically low-key with only two other cookie recipes otherwise. 

I'm finding there are sooo many, too many cookie recipes I want to try, baking a half recipe of a few different ones offers up the opportunity, variety, and cookie gift-giving I'm seeking.

And it is waaayyy too damn early to be talking about holiday season baking, goodness.  For a fall non-lover, this is too much.

Ok, moving on.

Soft Ginger Apple Snaps.  One heckin' season at a time please, heh. 

soft ginger apple snaps closer
Sorry, the lighting was clearly not great when I took these pictures.
Right, fall.  Didn't make it to Michigan for apples this year but Mike took me to Apple Fest up in Lincoln Square where we stocked up nicely.  Regardless, these cookies involve applesauce rather than apples.

I personally don't bake with applesauce very often, to be quite honest.  Hot tip:  buy the packages of portioned-out unsweeetned, un-spiced applesauce* if you're like me. 

Sure, they're more expensive than a jar.  Sure, I know, they're more wasteful in packaging.  But the benefit of having just the right, small amount of applesauce for a recipe saves a whole jar going bad in case we don't get to it.  That to me is more wasteful.  Plus this way, it's always on hand.

Other tip about this recipe?  The batter is crazy sticky, super duper sticky.  Even after the chill, though I probably only chill them about thirty minutes or less. 

Leave the batter in the mixing bowl and chill it in the bowl.  Trust me, you do not want to scoop the batter into some plastic wrap and chill it that way.  Trust me.  I know of what I speak:

sticky cookie batter in plastic wrap
Don't do this.  Just look at that spoon't.
Since this batter is so super sticky, you might find a cookie scoop* is helpful in portioning out the cookies and dolloping the batter into your hands to roll.

So real easy, these Soft Ginger Apple Snaps to mix up, pull together, and bake.

butter, sugar, and molasses in mixing bowl
Whip out your stand mixer* and in the bowl, toss in the butter, sugar, and molasses.  Cream those up together until nice and light and fluffy.

creamed butter, sugar and molasses
Creamed and scraped.  It's important to scrape the bowl often in this recipe.
While that's creaming and fluffing, in a separate bowl, dump the flour, baking soda and powder, salt, and warm spices then fluff it all around with a fork or whisk.*

combining dry ingredients in a separate bowl
Creaming in general, by the way, takes only about two to three minutes, just to note.

Crack that one egg into the mixer on low speed and mix that in thoroughly.

Next add the applesauce, mix that mostly kinda in, no need to be thorough with this one.

adding egg and applesauce
It's going to look curdled and borderline gross here.  Look away and keep going.
With the mixer running on low still, tap the flour mix in there and stir that around until it's mostly in but a few streaks of flour remain.

finished soft ginger apple snaps cookie batter
See?  No worries!  Cookie batter!
Shut that machine off and with a non-stick spatula* (non-stick is heh, pretty critical here given the stick factor), scrape up the bottom, scrape down the sides, and give everything a few final turns by hand.

Pop the bowl into the fridge to chill for at least ten minutes, up to two days ahead.

Pour the remaining sugar in a bowl or on a plate, then scoop out enough of the Soft Ginger Apple Snap dough to form and shape into a one inch diameter ball.  No need to measure; eyeball it close enough.
rolling balls of cookie batter in sugar
Yes, the dough was less sticky and messy right out of the fridge but still, don't wrap it in plastic to portion out from there.
Roll the balls in the sugar, coat them up nicely, then set them on a baking sheet* to bake for only about eight minutes.

baked soft ginger apple snaps
I think some of the batter was too warm to hit the oven, hence the three melted cookies there.
They'll puff up, get crinkly with split tops, and a deeper golden color with dry edges when they're ready.  Plus you'll be able the smell the heck out of them.

soft ginger apple snaps
Cool them on a wire rack* and good luck keeping your paws off of them.

baked soft ginger apple snaps
Happy baking!

*The applesauce cups, cookie scoops, stand mixers, whisks, spatulas, baking sheets, and wire cooling racks are Amazon affiliate links.  Happy baking, thanks!  Please see the "info" tab for more, well, info.

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