Peanut Butter Bacon Pupcakes

peanut butter bacon pupcakes
Iiii think, I think, we think, Mike and I, think Finn is just not into soft treats, like pupcakes and cakes.  He's more of a crunchy treat dog, like the Barky Bucks.  Those he inhales.  Hm.  That sucks for me.  But regardless, these Peanut Butter Bacon Pupcakes are a winner.

Ok, yes, I know.  Bacon is terrible for dogs.  It's definitely not great for humans either but I mean, c'mon, bacon. 

The sodium, the nitrates, the whatever, while they make bacon incredibly delicious, they're not the healthiest choice.

Before you rail me for putting bacon in a dog treat, a few things:  there's only one to two slices of bacon in these treats and they're treats, absolutely not a substitute for healthy nutritious food they should be eating. 

Treats.  A once in a while, in moderation treat.  For say, Finn's ninth birthday!

I know I said I wouldn't feed him bacon but this is a very small amount.  We live this life once.  He's nine now.

Further, I peeled the vast majority of meat away from the fat so there's very little fat mixed in.  Plus, the original recipe calls for two slices; I cut the amount in half for Finn.  One or two slices, it's up to you.

There are plenty of bacon-like substitutes out there like turkey bacon, or isn't there seaweed bacon?, that actual real bacon can be substituted for in these Peanut Butter Bacon Pupcakes so please do not yell at me.  Yelling is not nice.

But I'll come clean here.  Did Finn eat any of these?  Nope.  He nibbled some broken off crumbs but that was about it.  He's a snob, a picky picky snob.  Picky spoiled snob.

finished peanut butter bacon pupcakes displayed
He never gets bacon so it may have been confusing.  For the longest time, he didn't like peanut butter either so yeah, he's a weirdo.

Either way, these Peanut Butter Bacon Pupcakes are a total success despite his snobbery ways.

For the most part, this recipe is on the better side of treats, in that the majority of ingredients (except for the bacon) are quality.  

Do note, absolutely make sure there is no xylitol in the peanut butter you use because that crap is toxic to dogs.  Be aware too that it sneakily goes by other names like birch sugar so read ingredient lists very, very carefully. 

If ever there's an ingredient on a label for something that you plan to feed to your dogs that you don't know or understand, absolutely ask your vet first.  Additionally, there are links in the Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Pupcakes post with lists of no-no's for dogs.

Do note too, I did not use natural peanut butter for this recipe so while I assume that it's an easy substitute for regular, I have not tested it.  Yet still, read the label.

But again, don't fear that this Peanut Butter Bacon Pupcakes recipe is a dud just because Finn is a jerk.  He was spoiled on his birthday regardless with other treats, lots of love, pets, and cuddles.  As he is daily, heh, come to think of it.

This recipe takes no time at all to prepare and bake so it's extra terrific if you're a wee pressed for time in that doggo birthday party planning and coordination. 

First cook up the bacon in the manner you normally would, like the microwave or in a skillet or I hear baking it is The Way to Do It.  Chop that up once it has cooled, a nice small dice.

So grab a large bowl* and toss the remaining ingredients into it. 

ingredient prep in a large bowl
Grab a whisk,* a nice beefy one that can handle thicker batters, and mix everything together.

mixing ingredients together in a large bowl with whisk
Next, toss in that contraband bacon and fold everything together nicely with a nonstick spatula.*  Peanut butter is sticky after all.

adding bacon to batter
Now, I've got some spiffy metal measuring spoons for one and two tablespoons* but a regular tablespoon measure works as does a spoon.

portioning out peanut butter bacon pupcake batter in mini muffin tin
You can make these in a regular muffin tin* and you'd divide the batter into six or like me, make bite size ditties for easier consumption and use a mini muffin tin.*  Yes, still trying to justify the mini muffin tin purchase.

The one tablespoon scoop is perfect for the minis and you'll get around twenty of them, plopping in a heaping scoop.

filled mini muffin tin
Bake these up for a mere ten minutes then let them cool on a rack* completely.  Don't wanna try and frost warm pupcakes as the frost will run right off.

baked peanut butter bacon pupcakes in tin
Just before serving your fancy pants Peanut Butter Bacon Pupcakes, frost them as you see fit, or not.  I dabbled on a swoop of additional peanut butter and to gild the lily and blow Finn's mind, ("two treats in one?!"), a little crunchy niblet.

Aren't they adorable?! 

peanut butter bacon pupcakes for Finn's birthday
Yeah, they're adorable.

peanut butter bacon pupcakes on display
Hopefully your pooch will appreciate you more than Finn does me (ahhh I'm just kidding, he loves his mom) and these Peanut Butter Bacon Pupcakes will be a monster hit in your household!

*The mixing bowls, whisks, spatulas, tablespoon measures, muffin tins, mini muffin tins, and cooling racks are Amazon affiliate links.  Happy baking, thanks!  Please see the "info" tab for more, well, info.

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