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Ok, yes, I know.  I have the Cocoa Hot Fudge recipe already here on this spiffy site.  But.  It is possible to have more than one Hot Fudge recipe in your repertoire.  Possible to love more than one Hot Fudge.  Especially one that's gooey, rich, and deep chocolate.

Because.  Hey.  You must.

But no, really, because every hot fudge recipe is a little different and they all have their special moments and idyllic scenarios.

Too, like even sometimes you just want some Homemade Chocolate Syrup on your ice cream.  No muss, no fuss, just chocolate syrup.

We do.  It's actually one of Mike's most favorite desserts.  Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.  It's perfect, that's why.

Here's my thing with many a Hot Fudge recipe:  most start with corn syrup.

And that's fine.  I personally like to avoid corn syrup as it's super processed and it might not be good for people.  Too, I've got that wee corn issue though I generally don't have a problem with corn syrup since it's so processed.

Still, it's not my jam per se.

But.  On the other hand, it does lend that ooey gooey thick and chewy aspect to Hot Fudge we all know and love so dearly.

jar of homemade hot fudge sauce
I will say, this one does have corn syrup in it but the fabulous thing about this recipe when I first came across it was that it mentioned substitutes for that noted corn syrup such as honey or golden syrup.

Golden syrup, which if you're from the US, you might not know but it's a form of inverted sugar in syrup form that's amber in color.  What's inverted sugar?  Without scaring you with too many weird sounding words, it's a syrup via breaking a bond between glucose and fructose

There are recipes online to make it at home so I might try one day since it can be tricky to find here.  I do have a small tin* of it and I should have grabbed a can when I was in Scotland but my suitcase was wounded and monster heavy already.

Ok, so back to this Hot Fudge recipe and why I'm all over it.  On top of the ooey gooey thick rich and chewy chocolate goodness of it, it was the corn syrup substitution aspect that won me over to Make This Now territory.

And I did.  Duh.  And I have to say, this is exactly the homemade Hot Fudge recipe I've been seeking my whole life. 

hot fudge drip close up
Again, don't get me wrong, I love that Cocoa Hot Fudge recipe I have on here with a major passion, regularly give it as gifts* and make it often when I don't have time to bake so we have something on hand for dessert.

But this recipe has become The One.  And I hope it will become your The One too.  Or maybe the Cocoa Hot Fudge recipe is your The One.  Either way, I promise you, dessert time will be a very very happy time.

Too, what else I love about this recipe is that it's aarrggg soooo easy to make and ready to get in your face in an incredibly short and sweet amount of time.  Almost scary really.

Ok, go grab your ingredients and grab a saucepan* and we're already halfway there.  Yeah.  I know.

hot fudge ingredient prep
Oh, now, if you don't have dark brown sugar, no worries, you can use light brown sugar but for next time, pick up a bag of dark brown sugar from the grocery store.  It's worth it for the extra deep richness.

Toss all the ingredients except for the chocolate and vanilla into said saucepan* and mix* those up well. 

mixing ingredients in pan
Oh, back to those substitutions....I do half corn syrup and half honey.  You get the same ooey gooey chewy Hot Fudge but with less corn syrup.  No need to whip out any fancy honey; just the basic stuff since the flavor is buried.

Turn the heat up to medium on the ol' stove, set that pan on there, and stirring often, or the whole time is not a bad idea since there's cream in there, bring everything to a low simmer.

Once it's simmering, do keep stirring and let it cook for about three to five minutes or so.  Things will start to thicken up in there but you're not looking for anything terribly specific to happen.
cooked hot fudge ingredients in saucepan
When it's good to go, take that pan off the heat and dump in the chocolate.  You can go for all semi-sweet or all bittersweet chocolate here, and either chips or bar chocolate that's been chopped* is fine. 

Or, you can also use up chips from those open bags where you've got a bit of each (I know, who has an open bag of chocolate chips....well, me, and I feel weird for it like I'm failing at living a full chocolate life) and do a combination.

Ah those open bags so I toss in mostly semi-sweet and then a good-looking portion of bittersweet.

No matter what you choose, it's right.

adding chocolate to cooked hot fudge ingredients

Pour in the vanilla, add a bit extra than what's called for in the recipe for more depth of flavor, stir it around and get your ice cream scooped stat.

finished hot fudge sauce in jar
So good, this Hot Fudge.  So good.  BRB, off to make a jar.

*The golden syrup, gift jars, saucepans, whisks, and kitchen knives are Amazon affiliate links.  The HexClad link is a HexClad affiliate link.  Happy baking, thanks!  Please see the "info" tab for more, well, info.

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