Powdered Donut Cake

powdered donut cake slice
Yes.  You heard me.  It's a Powdered Donut Cake.  Omg is yes, right?!  It's like having powdered sugar donuts, those we love so dear, but in a cake shape.

And rockin' easy to make.  Yep!

Bonus?  It's a one-bowl wonder!  No mixer required!

Weirdly, I forgot about this cake in my repertoire for some godforsaken unknown reason because I had made this on repeat some time ago. 

Silly me.

What reminded me of it?  Mike went to the grocery store. 

And when Mike goes to the grocery store, he's a lot less, well, shall we say, restrained.  Heh. 

By that I mean, he tends to come home with things that don't get into my grocery cart.  Such as powdered donuts.  Which, you guessed it, he came home with.

He tends to come home with baked goods a wee too often which is, not gonna lie, a bit irksome if you will in that hey, uh, a baker lives here.

I do forgive the transgression in this case as making actual powdered sugar donuts is not a task high on my to-do list. 

powdered donut cake view of the side
Donuts in general really as 1. fried donuts make a monster mess and I don't wanna deal with the after oil and 2. the baked-donut pan I had was terrible so it left the premises.  (Silicone, frustrated me immensely.)

I mean, I hear homemade donuts are the schnizz.  And I believe it.  I've made apple fritters and while the recipe I used was pretty good, Mike was ecstatic, hooooo what a mess.  Plus, I spent more time frying than relaxing, enjoying, and watching the Bears that day.

Anywhoo.  So yes, instead of mess and (what feels like) hassle, Powdered Donut Cake supremely fits the bill.

Does it actually taste like a powdered sugar donut?  Yeah.  Actually it does and it's delicious.  What's the secret?  It's the nutmeg.  And the texture too, it's damn near powdered donut texture.  Mmmph, yum.

A note on that nutmeg...I've halved the amount from the original as I personally felt it was too much so feel free to add more than what's written.

But so is this Powdered Donut Cake it exactly like a powdered sugar donut?  Nope but that's a-okay.  Very close enough.  Because cake.  And cake is king.

Always worth reading the comments on any internet recipe as you're likely to find extra info, tips, and tricks.  Same holds true for this one:  someone made this into jelly donut cupcakes, coring out the center and adding jam after baking.

Uh huh.  Yeah.  So there ya go.

powdered donut cake sliced and plated
There wasn't a tip about baking this as cupcakes, just other pan sizes* which are listed in the recipe card.  I haven't tried any of those so I can't offer a cupcake* baking time or pan vouch.  If you try any of them, let me know!

Personally, I'm all about the little square slice.  It's cute, it's fluffy, it's snowy, moist, and gah, delish.

Ok, so simple, this Powdered Donut Cake.  Grab your one bowl and let's do it.

Melt up a stick of butter.  Easy peasy.  Avoid getting it too hot; melt it to almost melted, stir it about then set it aside.  Spray* or grease the pan* then line it with a wide strip of parchment paper* making sure the ends overhang the sides.

powdered donut cake ingredients
Into that big bowl,* throw in the granulated sugar and the eggs and you're going to whisk* that up real well for about a minute.  It'll turn that very pretty pale yellow color.

whisked eggs and sugar in a bowl
Next, dump in the rest of the wet ingredients and whisk it well well well.  So easy, yeah?  We're already halfway there.

adding wet ingredients and whisked together
Toss in the dry stuff and gently with that whisk, mix it together.  Or, use a nonstick spatula* to fold everything.  It'll be a thick batter, don't freak out. 

adding dry ingredients to wet
Mix until pretty well there, maybe a few lumps but don't go whole hog as over-mixing is a fluffy cake killer.

powdered donut cake batter mixed
Ok!  Scoop that lovely batter into the pan, spread it all out nice and even, and bake.  Wait 'til you smell this sucker baking, mmmm....

powdered donut cake batter in baking pan
When it's ready, it's still going to be quite pale yellow in color with maybe a spot or two of very light golden brown.  Yes, this is correct so long as your tester* in the center comes out clean.

After cooling a bit, hoist the cake out using that parchment as handles and cool it completely, totally, and thoroughly.

Then!  Once it has cooled, melt the last bit of butter and brush* the whole top with it. 

brushing powdered donut cake with melted butter
Lastly, sift* the powdered sugar over the entire top.  Yes, it's going to seem like a ton, too much, like whoa Becky, hang on there, but no, it's right.

powdered sugar sifted on top of cake
Stand back, admire the beauty you've created, then plow in.

close up of powdered donut cake slice
Do note, after baking day, the powdered sugar might melt into the cake or seem to disappear so if you're looking to refresh it's appearance, sift on a bit more.  Up to you.

powdered donut cake slice
And there my friends, there we have Powdered Donut Cake.  Holy yum.  I know you're going to enjoy this one.

*The baking pans, cupcake pans, baking spray, 8x8 baking pans, parchment paper, mixing bowls, whisks, nonstick spatulas, cake testers, pastry brushes, sifters, and Snacking Cake cookbook are Amazon affiliate links.  Happy baking, thanks!  Please see the "info" tab for more, well, info.

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