Bakes of the Year, 2020: A Recipe Recap

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As I imagine most folks will be in full holiday swing and/or groggily recovering when this is posted, I thought I’d offer up some of our most popular recipes of 2020, ya know, give you motivation (and a list) of yummy stuff to bake in the upcoming year, so hence, Bakes of the Year, 2020:  A Recipe Recap!  It may not have been a sweet year but at least sweetness was found here.


One of our most popular posts was the Buttermilk Biscuits.  And who could blame folks?!  These biscuits are so delicious, oh my gosh.  And of course, biscuits go with darn near everything, right?!  Wellll, maybe not everything but still, you see where I’m going here.  Definitely add these to your baking rotation, I promise happy happy diners.

buttermilk biscuits
I mean, come on.
Whip up some honey butter and…..ok, I think I’m gonna hafta go bake these right now.

Gah, I’m already getting super hungry, maybe I should grab a snack to make it through writing this…Oh, thank goodness I’ve got some Cinnamon Sugar Breakfast Puffs on hand, whew!!

And now we have the Easy Lemon Bars.  Yesssss.

lemon bars
The prettiest shade of yellow, amiright?!
Just in time for citrus season too, these Lemon Bars are a score.  Bursting with lemony go

 odness atop a light shortbread crust that’s effortless to assemble, sigh, there’s a lot to like here.  Yesss.

Mmmk, let’s see what else was on the popularity list, hm…

Oh!  Oh!  The Apple Fritter Bread!  Oh.  (That’s me longingly pining for a loaf in the house right this very second.)

apple fritter bread
Everything in the world to love here.
This almost-too-good-to-be-true quick bread defies every adjective known to man.  I do not know how I lived my life before baking this recipe.  Truly.  This I baked for our very first Bakers Against Racism Virtual Bake Sale and everyone who purchased, let’s just say it was thoroughly savored.  Winner winner chicken dinner right here folks.

Ah, mmm hmm, the Basic Bread cracks the winner’s list this year too.  And rightfully so.

basic white bread
As I said in the original post, there is nothing basic about this “basic” bread.  Bake it, you’ll see.  You’ll see why Mike and I ran through a whole loaf in record time.  Thank goodness the full recipe bakes up two loaves!

Dropping in from our cake category, and chocolate to boot, the Big Wheel Cake.

big wheel ding dong cake
Fudgy and rich and chocolatey and creamy and what could be more perfect….
It’s a riff on those beloved Hostess Ding Dongs but grown-up-ified that definitely outshines the original.  This took a bit of trial and error but the recipe is de-bugged and a trustworthy champ.  Give it a spin!  Ah haa, spin; wheel pun.

The Chocolate Wafer Cookies, those versatile yet obsessively delicious on their own nummy little numbers.  These absolutely belong on your list of go-to basics — eat them as is, make no-bake desserts out of ’em, ice cream sandwiches (ooohh yeah), crumb ’em up and you’ve got the basis for an awesome pie crust.

chocolate wafer cookies
Nooo, I did not accidentally put one in my mouth, why do you ask?
Freeze them up so you’re always at the ready for a fantastic dessert.  Um, that is if you have any left.

Let’s round out the list with an honorable mention, the Detroit-Style Pizza.

Detroit style pizza
Uh.  Um.  Yum.
As I mentioned in the original post, there are oodles of versions of Detroit-Style Pizza recipes on the interwebs.  What makes this stand out?  You don’t need any fancy equipment, the process is easy breezy without multitudes of complicated steps, start to finish you’ll have pizza for dinner the same day, and best of all, best of all, it is ri-donk-u-lously scrumptious.

We had this pizza last week, about once a month now in fact, because Mike loves it, LOVES it.  We determined and heartily agreed it beats the take out version we had been ordering previously.  Hands down, by far.

Feel free to check out all the recipes here!  They’re listed in the right sidebar, so peruse away!

Thank you oh so very very much for hanging out with me this year, for sharing your feedback, ideas, tips, and comments, and for baking up what I’ve shared with you.  It’s been a year, one to otherwise forget, but here’s hoping next year is terrific.  Happy holidays and happy baking!

Note:  This content originally appeared on Flaky Bakers.

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